About Us

Company Profile

With headquarters in Mumbai, G-MAC has its own and JV operations in India, Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Cyprus. Furthermore, our strong network helps us to maintain presence in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Oman. This wide geographical reach with a well experienced team makes us one of the few young and energized Liner agencies serving India, South East Asia and Middle East markets.

G-MAC aims to bridge the gap between principals and customers by providing the local expertise to our Global principals and extending global service standards to our local customers. We achieve this objective by adopting new technologies and increasing automation with the help of a strong and professional team.

G-MAC Consultancy in shipping and Logistics is a unique service that we provide for our customers. Our consultants evaluate customer requirements and assist to choose the right service providers that meet service requirements at a competitive cost.

G-MAC Tech provides Cloud and Software solutions.

G-MAC BPO services provide back office support enabling our customers to grow exponentially in a cost-effective way.

Our Mission

Evolve with technology; Interact with transparency; Strengthen the trust.

Our Vision

To serve our clients in the most efficient and trustworthy manner.


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