G-MAC consulting services assist you to choose the best services based on your requirements. We offer in-depth knowledge and support in a complex market and have access to an extensive network of service providers.
We provide consulting services on the following :

  •  Project Cargo
  •  Freight Forwarding
  •  Exhibition and Event
  •  Contract Logistics
  •  Customs Clearance
  •  Warehousing
  •  International Removals
  •  Market Study
  •  Legal
  •  Management
  •  Container Trading
  •  Insurance

Along with the above mentioned services G-MAC also offers consultancy and manpower to operate certain departments related to shipping and logistics within your organization. These offers are tailor made so as to suit your unique requirements. This service offers our clients assured cost saving along with the possibility to focus on their core and profitable activities. G-MAC aims to be a one stop shop for all your shipping and logistics requirements.

Project Cargo

Project cargoes are rarely the same with every shipment requiring a tailored service to meet customer needs. We offer a comprehensive project management consultation for the integration of a whole range of services such as packing, pallet building, distribution, integration of multiple transport routes including road, sea and rail.

Freight Forwarding

Freight Forwarding covers all the logistical aspects for goods to be transported across a region. Freight Forwarder plays a vital role in your shipments by handling all processes including arranging transport, preparing documents and loading cargo for sea freight/air freight. Having the right Freight Forwarder makes it easier for you whereas, a wrong choice can prove to be detrimental to your business. With our experience and our extensive network, G-MAC can help you make the right choice.

Exhibition and Event

Trade shows and overseas events are a logistical nightmare for many. These include movement of staff, transportation of assets, build up at the venue, dismantling and return of all assets to its original locations. We at G-MAC understand the pressure and can help to elevate some of your worries. With the knowledge of the local rules, cost-effective routes and identification of right partners for various related activities, we can help you to choose the right service provider in optimizing the cost and ensure the timelines are met for a successful event.

Contract Logistics

Contract Logistics, otherwise known as 3rd Party Logistics, provide integrated multiple logistic services which include transportation, warehousing, cross-docking, inventory management, packaging and freight forwarding. G-MAC can help you to choose the right partner to whom you can outsource all resource management tasks.

Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is a complex process and the documentation and procedures vary from shipment to shipment and country to country. To prevent delays, demurrages and costly fines you need to have an experienced professional who is well aware of the rules and regulations. G-MAC with our in-house knowledge and extensive network,, can help you to choose the right service provider.


Improper warehousing and storage can cause huge losses. We at G-MAC understand its importance and with our knowledge of the local conditions, through our network, are in a well-established position to provide you with advice to make the right choice.

International Removals

International removals include clients from multi-national corporations, governments, embassies and families who need moving personal cargo across the world. We can assist you with choosing the right service provider who has the experience to provide professional, safe and cost-effective moving of your precious cargo.

Market Study

In order to conduct a market study, one must have a very good knowledge of the local market and the related industry. We at G-MAC, have both the local knowledge, through our local offices, and a deep knowledge of the industry through the experience of our senior management. This puts G-MAC in an enviable position to carry out industry related market studies on your behalf.


With our vast experience in the shipping and transport industry, we can help you to set-up your transport and shipping company right from its inception. The consultation can also include the strategic proposal for its market positioning and development.

Container Trading

Several types of containers are used by Freight Forwarders, Construction Companies and Oil & Gas Industry for various purposes such as storage, site offices etc. When purchasing these, the companies are often at pains to ascertain its worthiness for the intended use. At G-MAC we can help in procuring the right type of containers at competitive rates.


While negotiating on shipping, haulage and warehousing costs with your freight forwarder you need to ensure transport insurance is also included. The insurance covers your goods dispatched from the country of origin to the country of destination. The insurance contract needs to cover property rights, any force majeure situations and breach of contract etc. We will assist you in choosing the right agent to go with and what type of cover to choose.


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